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Oklahoma’s high divorce rate led, in part, to the creation of the array of services known today as Project Relate. While some divorces are necessary, research indicates that a large percentage of divorces are unnecessary, meaning one or both parties are not fully committed to a permanent separation.

We have several programs and workshops to help equip you in the areas of prevention, support, divorce transition, co-parenting and reconciliation, as applicable.



All of our couples services designed to bolster marriages against divorce. Through reducing negative behaviors and increasing protective factors, Project Relate workshops can help keep your relationship strong and thriving! In addition, our services for individuals are designed to build a solid foundation of healthy relationship behaviors that can impact relationship and marriage outcomes down the line.



Our Marital First Responders workshops are structured to help anyone support marriages by becoming better equipped to respond to friends, family members, co-workers and/or clients who confide in them about marital challenges and problems. Visit Marital First Responders for more information.



No one goes into a marriage expecting it to end in the pain of divorce, and children often struggle before, during, and after their parents’ divorce. Often, children experience long-term problems in their own romantic or parental relationships. This is not to say that children and adults can’t fare well through this process, and Project Relate can help with this transition.

In 2014, the Oklahoma State Legislature passed a bill requiring couples with minor children filing for a divorce under the grounds of incompatibility to go through a co-parenting class before their divorce can be finalized. In order to comply with the requirements of this Oklahoma law, co-parents must complete one of the following services:


    CDE-Children in Between is a scientifically proven course for co-parents to help make divorce easier on children.

    Availability: Online (English and Spanish) and in-person workshops in Oklahoma City. For in-person, please coordinate with your co-parent to attend separate workshops.

    Cost: A prepayment of $29.95 (in-person) or $45.95 (online)

    Take CDE-Children in Between:

    Online Class

    In-Person Class

    Select the date you plan to attend at 3 East Main St. OKC 73104



    Co-Parenting for Resilience teaches parents to keep their children out of the middle of their divorce and help them to better adjust to the transition.

    Availability:Classes are offered in many counties across Oklahoma with sessions available monthly at most locations.

    Cost: $20-30 per person (differs by location).

    Learn more about or sign up for a Co-Parenting With Resilience class in your area.


    Helping Children Cope With Divorce makes difficult life transitions easier for you and your children.

    Availability: This seminar is required for parties involved in any lawsuit involving custody, paternity, visitation or support of a minor child in Tulsa, Rogers, Wagoner, Mayes, Pawnee, Washington, Osage, Craig & Nowata Counties. You may request that another person not attend the same seminar as you, & parents with protective orders are required to attend separately.

    Cost: Pre-registration is $55 per person.

    Learn more about or sign up for Helping Children Cope With Divorce.


    Parenting Through Divorce teaches parents how to better communicate with each other and their children.

    Availability: In-person classed are offered regularly in Oklahoma City. Co-parents are not permitted to attend the same workshop.

    Cost: $40 per person is due 3 days prior to the scheduled workshop.

    Learn more about or sign up for Parenting Through Divorce.

    Directions in Divorce protects your child from the trauma of divorce and teaches parenting skills.

    Availability: In person classes are offered regularly at one of two locations in Norman.

    Cost: Pre-enrollment is $50 per person.

    Learn more and sign up for educational class for divorcing parents with minor children.


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    Divorce and Children helps separating couples focus on what is in the best interest of the children and how to work more cooperatively and effectively with each other.

    Availability: Cleveland County

    Cost: Pre-enrollment is $50 per person.

    Learn more and sign up for educational class for divorcing parents with minor children.


    Co-Parenting and Divorce teaches parents about the effects of divorce on children of all ages and how to respond to the child’s needs as well as strategies for parents to ease communication with each other.

    Availability: Workshops offered twice a month on Monday and Saturday at our centrally located downtown Oklahoma City office. Parents must attend separate classes.

    Cost: $40 per person; pre-enrollment and full payment is required 3 days prior to workshop

    Learn more and sign up for educational class for divorcing parents with minor children.

  • Single Parent Support Network

    One Heart, Two Homes is designed for parents who are raising children between two households and promises to be life-changing for parents walking the complex path of co-parenting after divorce and in remarriage.

    Availability: Classes are offered twice a month in Oklahoma City and are presented either in 2 two hour sessions or 1 four hour session.

    Cost: $39.95 with meals or $49.95 with meals and family child care.

    Learn more about or sign up for a One Heart, Two Homes class in Oklahoma City by calling 405-917-1817

  • Alliance Behavioral Health

    Crossroads of Parenting and Divorce is designed to help parents work together to co-parent and avoid divorce abuse.

    Availability: Classes offered on Sunday afternoons at the Midwest City office, call to get dates. Office located at 1401 S Douglas Ave.

    Cost: $40 if signed up prior to day of class, $45 to join the day of class.

    Learn more about or sign up for a Crossroads of Parenting and Divorce class in Midwest City by calling 918.629.8166.


If you are not fully committed to divorcing, we have intensive weekend retreats geared toward helping you with skills and information to reconcile and repair your marriage.

Please check out our schedule of Thriving Marriages retreats.



Thriving Marriages
Marital First Responders
Children In Between

“Going through this workshop allowed me to understand where we’d gone wrong. We had a long soulful conversation and I recommitted myself to our marriage. I took divorce off the table as an option, promising my husband that I would never throw that word around again.”

–Project Relate Participant