Happy married couple

Thriving Marriages offers weekend retreats for married couples with similar life experiences who may have additional stressors and can benefit from relationship-strengthening skills and support activities.



The Thriving Marriages retreat is an all-expense paid weekend where you’ll gain practical communication skills along with tools to emphasize the fun and friendship in your marriage and focus on what you’re doing well in your relationship. You’ll connect with other couples walking through similar seasons of life, enjoy laughs, love and time to focus on just the two of you. You’ll return home inspired and prepared to nurture a thriving family.  

Our skilled presenters will both entertain you and supply you with solutions to sustain a healthy family through challenging times.


“We can’t give this program enough kudos! It truly helped to open our eyes and minds to some of the things we can do to improve our marriage and our relationships with our children.

–Thriving Marriages Participant

98.7% of participants learned skills and tools to parent their children more effectively

Foster & Adoptive Couples Can Earn Up To 12 Foster Credit Training Hours by Attending Thriving Marriages Retreat!

Thriving Marriages is offered through a federal grant for which the State of Oklahoma has been successful in receiving four consecutive times since 2003. Many partners are involved in making these retreats possible for the many populations served, including:

  • Oklahoma Department of Human Services
  • Foster Care & Adoptive Association of Oklahoma
  • HALO Alliance for Foster & Adoptive Parents
  • Autism OK
  • Oklahoma National Guard Yellow Ribbon Program
  • The Education and Employment Ministry
  • Oklahoma Association of Reentry Professionals
  • Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Central Oklahoma
  • Bridge Resource Center
  • Youth and Family Services
  • Oklahoma Parents Center
  • Numerous faith and community organizations

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