African American single

Heart & Soul provides FREE of charge relationship strengthening workshops and events focusing on African American relationships, with the goal of equipping and empowering dating, engaged, and married couples, as well as single individuals.


You will learn skills related to communication, problem solving, and enhancing fun and friendship. The hallmark of Heart & Soul is an emphasis on the power of commitment and couples are offered the opportunity to pledge a renewed commitment to their relationship, family and community.

Heart & Soul for singles focuses on the skills you need to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship, like how to communicate better, find a great match, and learn a little about yourself in the process.

By attending a Heart & Soul workshop as a couple, you also will qualify for a $45 discount on your Oklahoma Marriage license. 


“The tools we learned at Heart & Soul are so helpful that I want all of my friends and family to know about them!”

–Heart & Soul Participant

99% of participants say they would recommend Heart & Soul to their friends and family

SAVE $45 on your OK marriage license when you attend as a couple

Heart & Soul is offered in both large and small-group settings by expert facilitators trained in a world-renowned curriculum proven to increase couples’ chances of long-term success and singles’ confidence in success in current and future relationships.

Project Relate partners with the following groups to make Heart & Soul a success:

  • Perry Broadcasting
  • Metro Technology Centers
  • Faith Organizations
  • African American business owners and community leaders